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City of Wichita, Kansas

City Hall

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Citizen Advisory Boards/Committees

The City of Wichita has a number of boards and committees made up of concerned citizens.

City Council

The Council establishes policy direction for the City by enacting ordinances, laws, policies, adopting the budget, levying taxes, and appointing members to citizen advisory boards and commissions. The seven-member Council is elected to four-year terms on a nonpartisan basis with staggered terms of office.


City7 provides a continuous archive of selected meetings and additional programming. Video on Demand lets you watch these programs at your convenience.


Visit a department for more information.​

Mayor's Youth Council

The Mayor's Youth Council (MYC), a group of 32 high school students from the Wichita community, represents a valuable resource in the city - its youth!


Official City of Wichita announcements from your local leaders and City Hall.



Grab a flight into or out of Wichita Eisenhower National Airport.​

Arts & Culture

​ Offers a variety of programming and opportunities for free or priced at such a way to make them available to all citizens: youth, adults, seniors and special-needs populations.​

City Clerk

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for acting as ex-officio clerk of the City Council, the Board of Bids and Contracts, Staff Screening and Selection Committee, and for preparing minutes of all meetings. Additionally the City Clerk maintains the official files of the City.

City Manager

​ Submits the annual budget, advises the City Council on matters affecting the City, administers and oversees City operations, and appoints and removes City personnel.​

Economic Development

​Coordinates city projects involving economic development, downtown redevelopment and neighborhood redevelopment.​


​Coordinates the financial affairs of the City and provides various internal services and supplies for all City departments.​


​ Minimizes the loss of life and property resulting from fires, medical emergencies and other disasters through prevention, education and fire suppression activities.​

Housing & Community Services

​ Addresses housing needs of low-to-moderate income households while fostering neighborhood revitalization and improvement of individual structures, through the provision of continuously evaluated and newly developed rental assistance programs, homeowner rehabilitation programs, and assistance to service providers.​

Human Resources

​ Commits to building a stimulating culture of inclusion that thrives on high performance, winning in the marketplace, growing as an individual and as an organization.​

Information Technology

​ Creates, implements and maintains technology solutions that improve the operational efficiencies and expand the customer service capabilities of the City of Wichita as a whole.​


​ Represents the City in all legal actions brought against the City or initiated by the City; provides legal advice to the City Council, the City Manager, the departments, and boards and agencies of the City; manages the City's diversion and deferred judgment programs; prepares and reviews ordinances, resolution, contracts, bonds and other legal documents of significance to the City.​


​ Strives to address the core informational needs of children and adults. Provides print, non-print and electronic resources covering a broad variety of topics related to work, school and personal life. Strives to provide life-long learning opportunities to promote personal growth and development. Pledges to provide equitable access to information for the citizens of the greater Wichita area. Responsive to the community's changing interests and needs, and pledges to respect the diversity of its patrons.​

Metro Area Building & Construction

​ Ensures a safe, sanitary and healthy environment for every building where Wichitans live and work. Formerly known as Office of Central Inspection (OCI).​

Municipal Court

​ Impartially upholds the community's laws and facilitates the interests of justice for all citizens in a thorough and fair manner.​

Park & Recreation

​ Provides safe and attractive recreation land, facilities, and programs that beautify the City; provides for the leisure time pursuits of all Wichita residents and visitors, and promotes appreciation and education of the City's environmental resources.​


​ Provides professional and ethical public safety services in partnership with citizens to identify, prevent and solve the problems of crime, fear of crime, social disorder and neighborhood decay, thereby improving the quality of life in our community.​

Public Works & Utilities

​ Provides for the design, construction and maintenance of the City's streets, bridges, sidewalks and traffic control devices; provides maintenance and custodial services for City buildings; provides management oversight of the landfill and associated solid waste programs; operates and maintains the City's storm water drainage system; and manage and operate the City's vehicle fleet. Dedicated to providing quality, reliable, customer-convenient water and sewer service to its customers that represents extraordinary value.​

Wichita Transit

​Provides a safe, reliable, and economical transportation system to the community.​

Wichita-Sedgwick County Planning

​ Provides professional planning expertise to the community regarding land use, community facility and transportation so that the Wichita/Sedgwick County metropolitan area continues to be a quality place to live, work and play.​


Apply for a License

Currently, all licenses issued by the City of Wichita are for regulation purposes and are based on the premise of protecting the public safety, health, and general welfare. Licenses are issued after certain requirements and standards are fulfilled.

File a Motor Vehicle Accident Report Online

This form can be used to report all non-injury accidents under $1,000 in property damages. There must be no hit and run and/or DUI involved. Accidents that occur while under the Emergency Accident Reporting Plan may be filed out on this on-line form. This includes accidents occurring on public streets (under $1,000 in property damages) or private parking lots (no damage limit) within the City of Wichita. This is an insurance report only and will not be assigned a Detective for follow-up. If your accident does not meet these criteria, contact your local police sub-station for further assistance in filing the proper report.

Find Your Community Police Officer

View more information about the police beat where your residence or business is located. Look up crime statistics and meet the police officers covering your police beat.​

Look Up a City Code

Are you curious if there is an ordinance concerning some activity? Search through the City of Wichita's Municipal Code.​

The GIS Mapping website offers you the opportunity to learn more about GIS and how you can utilize interactive maps to locate the nearest parks and bicycle paths, find out which council district or school district you reside in, learn about zoning for your residence, view aerial photographs, and much more.
Pay a Bill

Get more information about paying bills in person, by mail, or online.​

Plan an Event

Learn how to plan a block party, community event or special event at a City-owned facility.​

Report an Issue

Report problems in Old Town; your neighborhood; and maintenance for sewer, stormwater, street lights or water.

Request a Motor Vehicle Accident Report

Once you decide to purchase an accident report, upon acceptance of your credit card, you will be given a link to download your accident report. You may purchase 1 or more reports, up to 100, at a time. All reports in full are delivered in PDF format at a cost of $16.00 each. It is highly recommended that you include a valid email address with payment.

Request a Public Record

Most records maintained by public entities are open for inspection and/or copying by individuals. Commonly requested records include ordinances, resolutions, minutes from open meetings, salaries of public officials, and budgets.​

Take a Class

Find out what classes are offered through the City of Wichita.​

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